DC Snakebuster & Half Blind Willie

Frank Declerq, aka DC Snakebuster, hails from neighboring Tildonk and threw himself into music at a very young age. At the age of 11, he went to study violin in music school. The drum kit soon followed and afterwards he familiarized himself with other instruments until he discovered the cigar box guitar. With this, DC Snakebuster one-man band was born.

Armed with a slide guitar, a neck rack with Blues harp and foot percussion, he started to honor his great Blues heroes by breathing new life into their Blues classics with a typical 'Snakebusters sound'.

On occasion, DC Snakebuster is accompanied on washboard by his father Half Blind Willie.
What started as a one-off act between father and son grew into a magical interplay.

Father and son are clearly imbued with the Rhythm & Blues and at 78, Half Blind Willie proves that this is not a curse but rather a blessing.

DC Snakebuster: vocals, guitar, harmonica, drums
Half Blind Willie: washboard

DC Snakebuster (2018)
Snakeboots (2020)

DC Snakebuster & Half Blind Willie

The Blue Chevys

Those who thought that swampy Rock only bubbled up from the swamps of Louisiana or Memphis, might change their mind. The Belgian sloppy soil around Haacht and Werchter is also a fertile breeding ground for unadulterated Roots music. Living proof of this: The Blue Chevys, the reputed Roots band that evolved from the Rock & Roll scene to Rhythm & Blues and who also flirts with the Americana and Soul influences.

The Blue Chevys caused a furore around the turn of the century with their debut album 'Motel Birdcage' (2003), which sent a fresh brylcreem breeze through the Belgian Rhythm & Blues scene in a production by Filip “El Fish” Casteels. With performances on eg. Swing Wespelaar, Blues Peer and countless other respected festivals and clubs, The Blue Chevys became a respected live band at home and abroad. Their more eclectic album 'Moving On' (2007) with Americana influences also led to a selection for Humo's Rock Rally in Het Depot in Leuven.

In 2015, a new EP 'Turn it Back' was released and it was much better than expected, partly due to the input of the horn section. The album leans, confidently, on the unwashed groove of a rusty coal train, propelled by an eager Gretsch that was previously smeared with swampy mud. A live performance for Classic 21 was heard by thousands of enthusiasts on national radio.

In 2019, the 30th anniversary was celebrated with a compilation album 'Twice Fifteen' and Wallonia and France are also going for the ax with performances in Devant-Les-Bois, Nancy (FR) and in the famous club Spirit of 66 in Verviers.

The Blue Chevys has also become richer and more varied with the maturing of the band members. A new album 'The Night Calls' is in the pipeline and will be further completed by Bert Van Roy, who has previously worked with De Mens, Daan and Mauro Pawlowski. Release is expected in spring 2021!

Kris Bries: zang, harmonica
Frederic Martello: lead gitaar, backing vocals
Philippe Martello: drums
Jean-Luc Cremens: basgitaar
Sven Smekens: ritme gitaar
Kim Vandeweyer: trompet
Koen Desloovere: sax

Motel Birdcage (2003)
Moving On (2007)
Turn it back (2017)
Twice fifteen (2019)

The Blue Chevys

Travellin’ Blue Kings

Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic has also affected Travellin 'Blue Kings. Originally founded by Belgian and Dutch musicians, it turned out that it was no longer possible to keep the band active & creative across national borders in the autumn of 2020. With this “full Belgian” lineup, the Blue Kings 2.0 firmly look to the future with even more nobility and an impressive pedigree: Blues Lee, Howlin’ Bill, Rhythm Bombs, Fried Bourbon, Jim Cofey, Hideaway … just to name a few.

Travellin’ is not in the name by chance; these five gentlemen worked with their respective bands all over Europe. You could find them on festival stages in Norway, Sweden, Poland, Germany, France, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and Italy. And of course, in every corner in Belgium and in the Netherlands.

This Blues mobile carries a range of influences sound wise from Texas to the West Coast, across New Orleans and Memphis heading for Chicago to the UK’s British Blues Boom. These five gentlemen find their inspiration in many kinds of music and bring a fresh and yet familiar repertoire, added with a few precisely chosen covers. That's what you can expect from this band, brought with tons of energy and enthusiasm.

Check them out!

Jb Biesmans: zang, sax, harmonica
Jimmy Hontelé: gitaar
Patrick Cuyvers: Hammond, backing vocals
Winne Penninckx: basgitaar
Marc Gijbels: drums

Wired Up (2019)

Travellin Blue Kings

Eliana Cargnelutti

Italian vocalist and guitarist, one of the rare real front women in the Rock Blues scene.

She plays a flavor of Rock Blues with a bit of everything in between: electric Funk, mixed with Pop and raw Rock, tight Blues grooves, blessed by her skills as an electric guitarist. Her sets truly have something for everyone. Eliana is well known in the Blues scene thanks to her infectious persona.

Eliana was the winner of the “Blues Contest” in Pordenone, Italy, in 2010, she won the Blues award as the “best new young artist” at the “Oscar del Blues” in Modena, Italy.

She did her part in the international Tour with the Blues Caravan project “Girls With Guitars” of Ruff Record label for all 2015. She was named one of the five “best female guitarists” in the Rock Blues scene at the American “Jimi Awards” in 2015 and she was nominated the 5th best female guitar player of the Rock Blues world by Blues E-news magazine.

Joe Bonamassa put Eliana’s “I’m a woman” on the list of the 8 recent songs absolutely to be listened to.

Eliana has collaborated with various blues artists like Otis Grand, John Craig (guitarist of Ike & Tina Turner), Scott Henderson, Enrico Crivellaro, The Joe Pitts Band, with whom she played at various American festivals.

Eliana played with Deep Purple’s drummer, Ian Paice in a memorable sold-out concert in Austria with the only all-female tribute to Deep Purple in the world, her “Strange Kind of women” project. Eliana has been on tour throughout 2019 from Europe to US with her Rock Blues quartet Eliana Cargnelutti Band and her new album has been release in May 2021.

In this new record there will be some important guests like Ana Popovìc and Eric Steckel from Los Angeles and other musicians such as Will Wilde, Reggie Hamilton, Francisca Nesti...

Eliana will tour Europe in the summer and Great Britain in Autumn 2021 with her band.

One of her first stops will be Wespelaar!

Eliana Cargnelutti: zang, gitaar
Simone Serafini: basgitaar, backing vocals
Michele Bonivento: Hammond, piano
Carmine Bloisi: drums, backing vocals

Love affairs (2013)
Girls with guitars (2015)
Electric woman (2015)
Aur (2021)

Eliana Cargnelutti

CW Ayon Trio

CW Ayon may call the Southwestern deserts of New Mexico home, but his soul is deeply rooted in the Blues and grooves of the Mississippi Hill Country. With a rather simple kick/snare and tambourine setup he lays down solid beats while picking out some catchy angles on anything from acoustic to resonator guitars, sometimes dropping in a bit of harmonica for good measure. All the while, building a sound and playing a style that is deceptively larger than it seems.

Cooper "CW" Ayon has lived in various places around his beloved state New Mexico, but hails originally from Reserve. His wife, Carol, is a trained musician who taught him how to play the guitar. He excelled with this instrument before he could even learn to read notes and joined a few Las Cruces bands in 2004.

In these bands, he played Rock music and covers and — being a Blues man — tried to add as much Blues as he could. After the bands split, Ayon struck out on his own, literally, as his own drummer, guitar player and vocalist.

"I've been pretty fortunate in having steady gigs," he commented on the uniqueness of his sound. "I've been doing it for a few years now and it's pretty constant."

In 2010, he won a Best Blues award for his song "Seen My Baby" at the New Mexico Music Awards and another in 2013 for "End of My Rope."

Ayon's influences are Junior Kimbrough, R.L. Burnside, John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters and Robert Belfour, just to name a few.

His sound, Hill country Blues, has a strong emphasis on rhythm and percussion, solid guitar riffs, few chord changes, unconventional song structures and a heavy foot on the ‘groove’, which is characterized as ‘hypnotic boogie’.  This is music to close this year’s shortened edition with magical beauty. Yes, this is the real deal!

CW Ayon: zang, gitaar
Denis Agenet: drums
Abdell B Bop: basgitaar

Gone (2008)
Is what it is (2010)
Lohmador (2011)
Rio Grande Theatre Live (2013)
Setting son (2014)
Enough to be proud (2015)
Attack of the 64’s (2018)
What they Say (2019)

CW Ayon Trio


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