• swingpromo2015
  • charlie musselwhite photograph by Nathan David Kelly1

    CHARLIE MUSSELWHITE (USA) Saturday (16/8/2014)

  • ModTommy

    TOMMY CASTRO & THE PAINKILLERS (USA) Friday (15/08/2014)

  • Modwolfman

    WALTER "WOLFMAN" WASHINGTON (USA) Sunday (17/8/2014)

  • BartWalker

    BART WALKER BAND (USA) Saturday (16/8/2014)

  • Joanne Shaw Taylor Photo Credit Lee Millward 1

    JOANNE SHAW TAYLOR (UK) Sunday (17/8/2014)

  • DeltaSaintsPublic2

    BLUES FOR THE PEOPLE Swing Wespelaar 2013


The cosy free Bluesfestival in Wespelaar, Belgium, will take place on 21,22 and 23 August 2015 for the 28th consecutive time. Be there!



Latest News

Please come back to us soon for more exciting news:

Thank you to everyone

16 bands, about 85 artists, around 315 volunteers, a whole bunch of suppliers and partners, the festival sponsors, our commune and the villagers, along with a large and invaluable enthusiastic audience. (We hope we haven’t forgotten anyone).



The festival entrance via "Grote Baan" will be closed, the festival area can be entered via "El. Willemslaan" from that side. The entrance via "Nieuwstraat" remains unchanged.


Early start on Friday

Attention point: The festival will start exceptionally at 16:00 on Friday, be on time!